Tiltable Gravity Die Casting Machine

IHPL is a company specialized in the manufacture of Gravity and Vertical Pressure Die-casting Machines for nonferrous metals like aluminium, lead and copper alloys with range of choice in order to meet the needs of foundries all these machines can solve 80% of all needs of nonferrous foundries.
The Machine is a "C" Frame type well over dimensioned structure, fabricated out of steel plates with one fixed platen and one moving platen guided by four rear guide bars and supported by bottom slides to take heavy die weight. Both platens are provided with core extractor or ejection of the castings. Machines are available in following Configuration.

I) Non Tilting Gravity Die-Casting machine.
a) Manual Control by hold to run type push buttons.
   b) Optionally PLC controlled auto cycle.

II) Tilting Gravity Die-Casting Machine.
a) PCL Controlled automatic type push buttons.
   b) Tilting speed control by manually adjustable flow control valve.

• Side core extraction one or two.
    • Top core extraction.
    • MMI (Full function man machine interface).
    • Die cooling by water/air and Die Temperature scanning at 4 points.
    • PLC Controlled Automatic cycle with proportional flow control valve and encoder for programmed control of the tilting Speech.



TGD 01 TGD 02 TGD 03
Die Closing Force (at 100 bar) 2.5 Tonnes 5 Tonnes 10 Tonnes
Die Closing Stroke 300  mm 500  mm 750  mm
Daylight 550  mm 750  mm 1000  mm
Platen Size 500  mm x 350 mm 700 x 500  mm 1000 x 800 mm
Titling Angle 90 90 90
Lower Core Pull Force (At 100 bar) 2 Tonnes 2.5 Tonnes 6 Tonnes
Lower Core Pull Stroke 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm
Lower Core Pull Fixing 300 x 150 mm 400 x 200 mm 700 x 300  mm
Top/Bottom Ejector / Core Pull Force 2 Tonnes 2.5 Tonnes 5 Tonnes
Top & Bottom Ejector Stroke 100 mm 100 mm 100 mm
Top & Bottom Ejector Fixing Table 150 x 150 mm 200 x 200 mm 400 x 300  mm
Dry Cycle Time 30 Sec. 40 Sec. 45 Sec.
Power Required 5 H.P 7.5 H.P 12.5 H.P
Over All Dimension (L x W x D)Approx 2500 x 3500 x 750 3000 x 4000 x 900 4000 x 5000 x 1250
Side Core Pull Force (at 100 Bar) 2 Tonnes 2.5 Tonnes 5 Tonnes
Side Core Pull Stroke 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm
Side Core Pull Fixing Platen Size 100 x 200 mm 150 x 250 mm 200 x 400  mm
  •  We Undertake Custom Built Machines

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