Incorporated during 1982 under the Indian Companies Act, Industrial Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. is a well-established manufacturer of Hydraulic machines and allied equipments for various applications. The company earned a place of eminence in the market for highly reliable and of quality products. All the products under go rigorous tests before they are shipped. Equipment manufacturers export our products along with their machines. We have produced many innovative designs for special applications utilizing standard components, thus providing our clients with right equipment at the right price.

The experience gained over the years, and the satisfaction of our clients has made IHPL one of the major manufacturers in Hydraulic Equipments industry. The wide range of presses, Die casting machines and Hydraulic equipments offered by IHPL have been designed keeping in mind the principles of Reliability, Safety, Durability, Price and Minimum Maintenance.

Hydraulic Presses:

IHPL manufactures hydraulic presses up to 350 tons capacity of open throat, four pillar or closed frame type. These presses are manufactured in Manual control, Semi-Automatic and Automatic control versions using conventional electrical, PLC or Microprocessor based controls. Further cycles can have limit mode, time control mode, pressure mode or combination of any of the above. These presses find application in Deep Drawing, Embossing, Bending Straightening, Broaching, Trimming, Compacting, Forming and Moulding of thermoplastics and powder compacting.

Vertical Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

The Vertical Die casting Machine differs from the Horizontal machine in a basic way. All the working elements move in a vertical axis, so that the machine resembles a Hydraulic Presses and it stands upright. In vertical die casting machines molten metal is injected from the bottom and as such venting is complete and the castings are free from porosity. Generally the vertical die casting machines are employed to cast the parts, which could not be cast as well on the horizontal machines. Vertical Die-casting Machines are well suited to for the parts requiring high density, quality and large quantity of production. These machines are manufactured in 40, 75, 150 and 250 tones capacity and all the models have PLC controls.

Hydraulic Gravity Die Casting Machines.

IHPL has recently started developing Hydraulic Gravity Die Casting Machines of tilting and non-tilting type there will be two standard sizes initially and these machines will have manual and PLC based controls. These machines will have options for mounting core pulls/ejectors on different directions as per the die design.

The non-tilting type machines will be in two or three basic models. Apart from these basic models we will be manufacturing custom built models also as per the component needs.

Hydraulic Cylinders.

IHPL manufactures hydraulic cylinders up to 350 tones capacity working pressure of 325 bar of double acting and single acting type with various mounting styles and strokes up to 3000mm for various applications.

Hydraulic Power packs

IHPL manufactures power packs up to 200 liters out put at 325 bar pressure and 200-horse power. Power packs are built using standard equipments and state of the art technology to give maintenance free service. Power packs are manufactured for various applications and are suitable for manual control or electrical controls auto operations.

Technology is the basis on which our products rest. It begins with the best Designs Processed in house using computer-assisted data from programs developed over the years. Our technical skills and applications to the manufacturing process have kept pace with rapidly changing needs of the industry we serve. Technical strength reduces the level of cost delivery time for our customers as well as assures quality results.

IHPL have regular prestigious customers and to mention few are HAL, BHEL, BEML, TATA, Railways, and Hindustan Composites.

We well come your enquiries and offer you no obligation services for designing the right machines to your specific applications.